armchairs and accent chairs

The armchair is a general term for the backrest chair with armrests. Except for the round chair and the chair, the rest are called armchairs. The style and decoration are simple and complicated, and often combined with the coffee table, with four chairs and two on the sides of the hall, for symmetrical display.

The armchair has the advantages of convenient carrying and light weight, and the price is cheap; it is the first choice for traveling goods. It can be backed up. Wear-resisting and durable, suitable for gatherings. Take advantage of cool. Outdoor leisure and other easy to open and easy to collect, close up after the collection, do not take up space, the force points are reinforced with leather, durable wear. The backrest chair with armrests, Except for the circle chair and the chair, the rest are called armchairs.


Solid wood armchairs with garden or classic, Chinese and European styles, depending on your matching space. For outdoor use, such as courtyards, terraces, the most common is the rustic style; for the living room, European or classic style is more suitable, if paired with a small coffee table decoration, very typical Chinese style. For study, bedroom, classic style is especially good.

The bamboo and rattan armchair gives a cool and natural feeling, especially suitable for rural or Southeast Asian style homes. More suitable for the balcony or the living room corner lounge area.

The space of the armchair is:

The restaurant is the most inviting place in the family, and almost everyone prefers a casual, relaxed dining atmosphere. therefore. For the dining chair, the generous shape and comfort should be considered. The armchair is very cumbersome and heavy in the restaurant. It is very inconvenient to sit down and should be excluded from the restaurant.

The bedroom is the most visible, single space and the owner's private activity area. In addition to the usual bed and wardrobe, bedroom furniture is generally simple, an excellent armchair will definitely bring a good mood to the owner. The morning sun sprinkled through the window to the room. In front of the dressing table, the hostess sat in a delicate armchair and made a beautiful makeup, bringing a good mood all day long. The bedroom is the resting area, so the color and style of the chair should not jump too much, so as not to break the quiet and comfortable rest space.

The most important and most utilized furniture in the study is the chair, and a comfortable armchair will make your study and life more comfortable. Of course, the choice of study chair has a great relationship with the character of the owner. If you are mature and stable, then the standard reading chair is a good choice; if you are a leisurely lazy type, then it is essential to add a leisure lounge chair. It is. The chair of the study can be considered as the first choice of swivel chair or rattan chair. The swivel chair is easy to move, the rattan chair is light and the activity is convenient. In addition, when learning and working fatigue, turn the orientation to relax in the changing field of view.


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