A couch (U.S. English, Irish English, Australian English and South African English), conjointly called a settee, futon, or sofa (British English) could be a piece of article of furniture for seating 2 or 3 folks within the sort of a bench, with armrests, that is part or entirely upholstered, and sometimes fitted with springs and tailored cushions. though a couch is employed primarily for seating, it should be used for sleeping.In homes, couches are commonly found within the recreation room, lounge, den, or the lounge. they're generally conjointly found in non-residential settings like hotels, lobbies of business offices, waiting rooms, and bars.

History of the term

The term couch is preponderantly employed in eire, North America, Republic of South Africa and Australia, whereas the terms seat and sofa (U and non-U) are typically employed in the uk. The word couch originated in Middle English from the French noun couche, that derived from the verb which means "to lie down". It originally denoted associate item of article of furniture for lying or sleeping on, somewhat sort of a daybed, however currently refers to sofas normally.[citation needed] The word seat comes from Turkish and springs from the Arabic word suffah ("ledge/bench"), cognates with the Aramaic word sippa ("mat"). Joseph Pubillones {in a|during a|in associate exceedingly|in a very} very little Shimmer Goes a protracted approach specifies that the most distinction between the couch and also the seat is that "couches will be used for reclining or egg laying upon" thus a couch would "best be wont to describe an upholstered piece in a family room", whereas the term seat "used preponderantly in European country and eire denotes a tone of ritual, thence a settee is a lot of acceptable word for the upholstered piece within the living room".

The word sofa or setee comes from the English word setl, that was wont to describe long benches with high backs and arms, however is currently typically wont to describe upholstered seating.[citation needed]

Other terms which may be similar with the higher than definition are chesterfield (Canada), divan, davenport, lounge, and canapé


The most common kinds of couches are the automobile, generally cited as a loveseat, designed for seating 2 persons, and also the seat, that has 2 or a lot of cushion seats. A sectional seat, typically simply cited as a "sectional", is created from multiple sections (typically 2, three, associated four) and frequently includes a minimum of 2 items that be a part of at an angle of ninety degrees or slightly bigger, wont to wrap around walls or different article of furniture.

Other variants embrace the divan, the fainting couch (backless or partial-backed) and also the appetizer (an decorative three-seater). To conserve house, some seats double as beds within the sort of sofa beds, daybeds, or futons.

A article of furniture set consisting of a settee with 2 matching chairs[10] is understood as a "chesterfield suite"[11] or "living-room suite".[12] conjointly within the kingdom, the word chesterfield meant any couch within the decade, however currently describes a deep botonnee seat, sometimes made up of animal skin, with arms and back of constant height. the primary animal skin chesterfield seat, with its distinctive deep botonnee, thick animal skin upholstery and lower seat base, was commissioned by prince Stanhope, fourth Earl of Chesterfield (1694–1773).

In Canadian English, chesterfield as cherish a couch or sofa[13] is widespread among older Canadians, however the term is quickly vanishing in keeping with one survey drained the Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario in 1992。


A couch consists of the frame, the cushioning and also the covering. The frame is sometimes manufactured from wood, however can even be manufactured from steel, plastic or laminated boards. seat cushioning is created from foam, down, feathers, material or a mixture thence. seat coverings are sometimes created out of soppy animal skin, corduroy or linen material coverings.


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