A armchair is associate degree armchair or couch that reclines once the occupier lowers the chair's back and raises its front. it's a support that may be leaning back, and infrequently a stool which will be extended by suggests that of a lever on the facet of the chair, or could extend mechanically once the rear is reclined.

A recliner is additionally referred to as a lounger, lounger associate degreed an armchair.

Modern recliners typically feature associate degree adjustable headrest, body part support associate degreed an freelance stool that adjusts with the burden and angle of the user's legs to maximise comfort. further options embrace heat, massage and vibration. Some models are chair accessible.

Recliners can even accommodate a close to supine position for sleeping, and are common in airplanes and trains, furthermore as in homes.


Around 1850, the French introduced a reclining bed that would function a chair, a bed and a chair. it had been transportable and featured cushioned arm rests and a steel frame. within the late 1800s, several styles were found for motion chairs that were product of wood with a cushioned seat and back. styles from France and America enclosed a document or book holder.[5] the primary lounger was reportedly in hand by Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte.[5]

Knabush and maker, 2 yankee cousins, are attributable with gaining a patent on a wood armchair. the look was an equivalent wood bench armchair found in alternative styles. Issued in 1928, the patent semiconductor diode to the foundation of La-Z-Boy. In 1930, Knabush associate degreed maker proprietary an upholstered model with a mechanical movement.[5]

in 1959, Daniel F. Caldemeyer proprietary a armchair as owner of National article of furniture Mfg. Co based mostly in metropolis, Indiana.[6] His name was supported the actual fact that he developed his chair based on the science of dynamics that he used whereas serving within the US Air Force. His style was employed by National Aeronautics and Space Administration for the seats in comes Mercury, Gemini and Phoebus.

His chairs were utilized in the prepared space for these missions and might be seen within the show Phoebus thirteen. the key Service bought fifty of them for President Lyndon Baines Johnson as a Christmas present. A Life magazine photograph of President Johnson, post gall bladder surgery, has the President lifting his shirt and showing his scar whereas sitting in one in all these chairs. The Presidential Seal was adorned on these chairs with one presently within the Smithsonian establishment and another at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and depository. With over three hundred patents, Caldemeyer intercalary the foot carry rest, heated seating and massage options to the present chair and had the patent for the primary wall unit.


Recliners with casters

Traditional home recliners are usually meant to be giant immobile objects that ne'er move and should be dragged or carried to be captive. currently home article of furniture makers turn out a thick cushioned animal skin or soft material armchair with casters.[7]

Recliners with casters also are designed for a medical setting like to be used in a very home or hospital. Medical recliners typically have accent hooks associate degreed an facultative removable arm and receptacle table.

Wall human recliners

Used for flats, the wall human armchair is employed to avoid wasting area. A wall human armchair is positioned with inches between itself and therefore the wall and solely reclines forward. this can be achieved by utilizing a flight mechanism beneath the seat that pushes all-time low 1/2 the chair forward therefore the back of the armchair ne'er gets any nearer to the wall so making certain economical usage of area.

Riser armchairs

A riser armchair or carry chair includes a standing-up system, for aged and folks with restricted quality.


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