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"I am shopping for a settee," a hypothetical fashionable lady in a Sunday hat once informed her buddies over tea.

"Go take keep of Max, he's on the sofa," hypothetical dad and mom as soon as advised their son at dinnertime.

While lots of us have a subconscious generalization that "sofa" is more informal than "couch," few humans — even designers — absolutely apprehend the difference. Is a couch really extra laid-back than a settee? Does it appearance distinctive? Does it experience one-of-a-kind?

And, in case you go to a showroom inquiring for a couch, will you get sneered at for no longer the usage of the time period "couch"? Possibly, however the ones people are rude, say our professional sources.

That's due to the fact there is little or no distinction among the 2 — but the versions that do exist are well really worth noting, if now not for actual use, then at the least for having one greater fun fact to your birthday celebration verbal exchange arsenal.

Read on for the subtle differences.


Language 101: The term "sofa" comes from the French phrase "coucher," which means that "to lie down."

This definition does coincide with the way the term is typically used, which is a tad greater informal than "sofa."

"They're with no trouble interchangeable, however I call the whole lot a settee because I've been in the industry for see you later," says Skip Rumley. "But if I noticed a huge, fluffy, overstuffed piece of furniture that would recline and come to be in, say, a person cave, that is a settee."

promoting manual that allows dealers differentiate amongst couches and sofas, the term "couch" may additionally moreover come from the French word "couche," that's used to explain "a piece of furnishings with out a fingers used for lying." (Though it is uncommon to discover couches with out hands today.)

"A couch is something lay on, curl up on, and permit a canine sit down on," says Rumley. "A sofa is where a person crashes once they stay over. Your kids are allowed on it, and you may have chips on a settee."

Basically, your pets and youngsters like couches plenty better than sofas.


According to the eBay selling guide, "sofa" comes from the Arabic phrase "suffah," which describes a wooden bench it genuinely is protected in cushions and blankets. Read: Not so excellent for curling up on and napping.

Still, couch tends to be the industry modern.

"I hardly ever listen people the use of couch in this business enterprise," says Dolley Levan Frearson. "If I do, it is typically from those who are not acquainted with home décor. But I didn't understand there was surely a distinction — I always just idea couch became a informal time period for a settee."

Sofas are usually related to website hosting and formal sports. They may additionally seat 4 or more people, in comparison to a settee, which regularly seats  to three people — making sofas higher for proprietors who welcome hundreds of employer.

But at the quit of the day, it's far no longer a difference virtually worth stressing about.

"There's an oz.. Of pretense at the same time as people correct you and say, it isn't a sofa, it's far a settee," says Rumley. "I assume it is stupid. Call it what you want, however at the give up of the day, a settee may additionally genuinely be a more formal idea of a settee."


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