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Product Introduction

Up-Lift represents associate innovative and distinctive style for a lounge that options an integrated convertible. The transformation happens by lifting then rotating the back to supply a surface.

Up-Lift is offered as one armchair, 1.5 and a couple of seater lounge, sanctioning one, queen single or bed module. Upholstery in material solely from the house assortment of textiles.

UP-LIFT represents innovation in armchair compartmentalization with its integrated bed.? Its form permits for transformation through the easy raising from the rear rest, that causes the automated carry of the leg rest, while maintaining associate optimum height. Its harmonious type consists of 2 separate volumes, that rotate around each other|one associateother in an eccentric fashion. The rest is flexuous, because it conjointly functions as a wheel, and also the back is atilt and rounded to minimise the degree. These curvatures are what characterise UP-LIFT.Besides its specific rotation, harmonious engineering and form, each detail of UP-LIFT has been fastidiously thought out and designed. Special attention was given to the lower construction. Elastic bands and prime quality foam placed at strategic points leave greatest comfort and tokenish bulk. additionally to the armchair, the UP-LIFT family conjointly includes a loveseat, that unfolds into a bed.? along or apart, they permit without charge piece of furniture configuration, and their twin functions give fascinating interior layout situations that decision for extra sleeping piece of furniture.

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