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Product Introduction

The elder individuals particularly fancy the elevate & armchair chair. once a precise age, knees, waist, back, shoulder, or alternative elements of the body gets sore and painful simply, even exhausting to maneuver. The massage armchair chair helps ease the pain of the elder’s body through soft vibratory massage, and also the lifting perform reduces the pressure on knees once standing up. With the assistance of elevate & armchair chair, aged individuals will lead a simple and healthy life!

The elevate armchair chair ought to be simple to use. we have a tendency to are experienced in producing elevate & armchair Chair for several years. the standard of our elevate & armchair Chair is solid and secured. we provide OEM/ODM service. Functions, color, size, etc. may be customised. The perform controller has the clear and straightforward icon and is simpler for the aged to shift reclining and lifting mode to possess leisure moment all the time.

The external material of elevate & armchair chair may be made of cloth, leather, PU, microfiber, etc. you'll select the foremost appropriate and comfy material to supply the distinctive vogue. The filler of the lounge is high-density foam. Filler victimization within the rest is that the soft sponge. decisions may be totally different if there's any demand.

Single motor: back and legs elements act along

Dual motors: separate management for back and legs elements

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